Hello everyone!  My name is Mae Li, pronounced May-Lee.  Those who know me would probably say that I am one of the most laid back people they know... not many things bother me. I try to live like there is no tomorrow and treat people like I want to be treated.

I have a wonderful family and became part of another wonderful family when I married Hubs, the man of my dreams, in 2006. We have 2 beautiful girls who add so much joy to our lives! I have lots of friends, but a handful of really close ones that I have had since high school.

Some of my hobbies include spending time with my family and friends, shopping for a good bargain, decorating my home, gardening, scrapbooking, playing beach volleyball, golfing and cruising!! I am so blessed in my life and I thank God everyday for everything He has given me! LIFE IS GOOD!