Monday, April 1, 2013

Decorating my Coastal Bookcase

This was the fun part.  After my coastal bookcase makeover, I started working on filling it.  I had been using Pinterest to get ideas so I just went through and sifted through many pins.

First up was this amazing coastal wooden flag that I just HAD to make.   I still had some left over wood from when I disassembled 2 Adirondack ottomans.  Here is the where the wood came from.

I painted all the pieces first, lightly sanded the edges and parts of the front for a distressed look, then had the hubs cut the sides off where there were previous screw holes and attach them all together using 2 other scrap pieces of wood.  I'm really not sure why one of the boards didn't get paint on the back side, or even why I painted the back of any of them in the first place.  I blame it on painting at 2am!

I only needed 9 starfish, but I ordered a lot of 25 (1 inch) from North Florida Shells. Who can't use some extra little starfish around the house??  I stuck them on with super glue and there you have it! 

I need to get a larger easel to display it on though. It's a little wobbly.  I'll display this proudly for all the patriotic holidays.... or year round.  ;)

Next, I wanted to place books on it, but didn't like the mismatched nature of them. I saw that people had used maps to cover books with, so I found an old atlas I had collecting dust to cover the books.  I really liked the blues and greens in them.  I used mostly pages with places we have visited, and then a few other ones just because I liked the way the maps looked. 

The pictures, candle, coral and seashells were on the bookshelf prior to the makeover, so I just added them back on.  The letter was purchased from AC Moore some time ago, just didn't have a place to put it.  Now it has a home!

Decorating for Easter:

For Easter, I added some mini birdhouses that I purchased from Joann's last year from their dollar bin. I just gave them a few coats of white paint, then sanded the edges a bit. I found the bunny at a thrift store last year for .89.  The eggs are just those plastic Easter eggs wrapped in some twine using hot glue. 

I will add a few little accents for all the holidays!

China Cabinet Goes Coastal

I loved how the bookcase turned out so much I decided to give the china cabinet a similar makeover since new china cabinets are so expensive. My mom left the china cabinet here when she moved as it was way too large for her new home.  It is Asian-inspired so it was tricky turning it into something coastal. Here is what it looked like before.

First we scraped off the Asian pin striping on all the glass doors.  It came off really easily!

We took all the doors off and removed all the gold hardware.  Unfortunately, it left a ton of holes in the doors. 

I happened to have some dowel rods that fit perfectly in the large holes so we cut them to size and tapped them in.

We filled the rest in with putty and sanded them down.

Next, using the same wainscoting from the bookcase remodel, Hubs measured and cut them to fit into the door.

He used liquid nails to secure them and reinforced them with nails.  More holes to fill in with putty.  Yay. 

Primed the doors and cabinet with 2 coats of Zinsser's primer, then 2 coats of satin finish white.  

Taping the mirror was ridiculous!

Yes, I painted right in the dining room! These pieces were too heavy to move into the garage. 

After days of painting and sanding and painting, it was ready to be put back together again!

Almost complete!!  Just have to put the new hardware pulls on and fill it up!

Here is what it looks like today...

We absolutely love how it turned out!

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