Monday, April 1, 2013

Decorating my Coastal Bookcase

This was the fun part.  After my coastal bookcase makeover, I started working on filling it.  I had been using Pinterest to get ideas so I just went through and sifted through many pins.

First up was this amazing coastal wooden flag that I just HAD to make.   I still had some left over wood from when I disassembled 2 Adirondack ottomans.  Here is the where the wood came from.

I painted all the pieces first, lightly sanded the edges and parts of the front for a distressed look, then had the hubs cut the sides off where there were previous screw holes and attach them all together using 2 other scrap pieces of wood.  I'm really not sure why one of the boards didn't get paint on the back side, or even why I painted the back of any of them in the first place.  I blame it on painting at 2am!

I only needed 9 starfish, but I ordered a lot of 25 (1 inch) from North Florida Shells. Who can't use some extra little starfish around the house??  I stuck them on with super glue and there you have it! 

I need to get a larger easel to display it on though. It's a little wobbly.  I'll display this proudly for all the patriotic holidays.... or year round.  ;)

Next, I wanted to place books on it, but didn't like the mismatched nature of them. I saw that people had used maps to cover books with, so I found an old atlas I had collecting dust to cover the books.  I really liked the blues and greens in them.  I used mostly pages with places we have visited, and then a few other ones just because I liked the way the maps looked. 

The pictures, candle, coral and seashells were on the bookshelf prior to the makeover, so I just added them back on.  The letter was purchased from AC Moore some time ago, just didn't have a place to put it.  Now it has a home!

Decorating for Easter:

For Easter, I added some mini birdhouses that I purchased from Joann's last year from their dollar bin. I just gave them a few coats of white paint, then sanded the edges a bit. I found the bunny at a thrift store last year for .89.  The eggs are just those plastic Easter eggs wrapped in some twine using hot glue. 

I will add a few little accents for all the holidays!

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