Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Baker's Rack Refresh

I refreshed my Baker's Rack in the kitchen on Mother's Day while Hubs and the girls were napping. 
Here is what the baker's rack looked like before:

The justice scales are really distracting!  I picked it up for $5 from a garage sale during one of my bargain hunting weekends, but I decided to take it apart and use it for parts!  I used one of the scales as a bowl, then turned the other upside down to give some height to one of my seashell jars.  Since the scales were black, I used 2 coats of RUST-OLEUM Primer, then spray painted them with Heirloom White.  I still haven't decided what to use the base or balance of the justice scale for, but I'm sure I'll think of something. 

I added the Beach frame, which is a new frame I received for Mother's Day.  I already had the 3 candle holder/vases, the starfish and shell.  The bowl with the seashell on it is from the justice scales.  I really like the wood texture on the bowls.

And this is the other bowl turned upside down.

I found a box of sand dollars I had found a long time ago in a beach in Florida. I had to spray paint them white because I tried to bleach them at one time and they turned a nasty yellow.  I used one of the larger sand dollars with sand from a local beach in an apothecary jar I picked up at a thrift store for .55.  The other jar pictured is a pickle jar with twine wrapped around the top and a seashell I found tied to it. It has other shells/coral bits that I found once upon a time.  The small square frame is one I had purchased a while ago with a picture of St. Thomas from one of the many cruises we have been on.

This large apothecary jar was also from a thrift store and was only $1.49!  I found a shell necklace to wrap around the top and filled it with the remaining coral bits I had.

I made this shadow box frame from a Melissa and Doug zoo magnet box.  I painted the top edge with white acrylic paint, then glued some shells I had to the bottom.  Then I placed a Photoshopped picture that Hubs made with the Footprints poem and our daughter running on the beach in Kitty Hawk, NC.

I got this fan from EBay to put in my garage/laundry room. Hubs still hasn't replaced the cord on it, but I'm really in no hurry, as the room is NEVER going to be complete.  I picked up the handheld antique mixer at an Antique Mall for $2.95.  I just thought it was cool.

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