Monday, April 11, 2011

Bargain hunting weekend

So after reading through tons of blogs, I was totally inspired to get out and find some junk to transform! I decided I was going to run out for about an hour riding around my neighborhood to see what I could find. I went to 3 yard sales and got some really good loot! At my first stop, I found a brand new oil warmer kit. I have totally been in to burning oils lately. $3

Next, a set of 3 triangle shaped bottles on a wood platter. Not sure what I'll do with these, but for $3, I couldn't resist. I may be able to squeeze some small shells in there or use them in my pantry. What would you use them for??

My last purchase at this one was this totally cool scale of justice for $5. It looked like something that might look good on top of my baker's rack. I don't know, too big??? I was thinking of painting it antique white and distressing it. Or should I leave it black and put it somewhere else in the house..... Suggestions????

The 2nd yard sale was a bust but the 3rd, a jackpot! They had a bunch of new items, still in boxes. So I picked up 2 new saxophones for my girls' Easter baskets, a desk organizer and a wire holder thingamajig with 6 storage bottles in it. Everything was marked $5, but I asked if she would give me a discount for buying multiple items and she said, okay, how about all of it for .................... $10! It was really hard for me not to break out my happy dance, but I properly constrained myself. So, I wasn't looking for any of these items, but hey, I would have lost money not buying them! Ya know what I'm sayin'??

We went over to spend some time at the In Law's since it was my FIL's birthday weekend. We hadn't gotten him a gift yet so I graciously offered to go to the Outlet Mall and get him a nice polo shirt from IZOD. Great excuse to hit up a few stores while I was already there! Hubs told me to leave no later than 4:30 so I could get back in time for the birthday dinner out. That gave me only about an hour and a half so I booked it. Went to IZOD, found a nice shirt for my FIL and also a nice pink polo for Hubs. Then I made mad dash to White House Black Market. I picked up 2 really cute jackets for $39 each (pictures to come later). A bargain for that store! ;) I stopped into a few other places but didn't find anything so I hopped in the car and headed back. It was like 4:10 and I was ahead of schedule! So I'm cruising down the road and something catches my eye... Antique Mall. Hmmmmm. I've read about those places in other blogs. I just had to stop in for a quickie minute to see what all the hype was about. After all, I was ahead of schedule. I walked in the front door and knew I was in trouble. I couldn't see the end of the store. There were isles and isles of glass displays and so many booths. They were all jam packed with stuff. Cool stuff. I found a little vintage hand mixer for $2.95! All the other ones I looked at were anywhere from $15 to $25, so I figured $2.95 had to be bargain.

I also came across a bird wire basket filled with eggs that had fishing line attached to them so you could hang them up. I was looking for something like that because of a Pottery Barn picture someone posted with some eggs that spelled out Happy Easter hanging from some cherry blossom branches. It was $8. A bit more than I wanted to spend, but the hooks were already in the eggs and I wasn't sure I would be able to find them elsewhere. Perhaps I could pretty up the bird basket too. Birds really aren't my thing, but hey, I didn't think antique was either until I saw what people have done with them.

Ring, ring. I glanced at the time just before answering.... 5:15. How did that happen???? Uh oh.

"Are you on your way back?" asks Hubs.
"Oh, yes, I stopped by an antique mall, but I am heading to the checkout line now".
"Okay, well we're meeting everyone at 5:30 so I'll see you soon."
"Okay, I'll pick you up shortly." I said.

There is NO WAY I am making it back by 5:30. I was still about 20 minutes away and I can't find my way back to the front door. Ugh. So I finally get to the front of the store and I see people sitting down on a bench. I asked if there was a line and some lady told me to take a number. WHAT???

"But I only need to checkout." I say in a state of panic.
"Yes, ma'am, take a number."

There were 2 numbers ahead of mine. Okay, well, since I have a few minutes, I wandered down a row that was close to the checkout counter. May as well make the most of my time. I'm about half way down the row when my number is called. I had to shout "I'm coming" because apparently he didn't see me waving my hands frantically as he called my number a second time. 20 minutes from the time Hubs called, I booked it to my car and headed out. Long story short, Hubs called a few additional times and finally decided to dig car seats out of the In Laws' garage and put them in FIL's car (I had the only vehicle with 2 car seats for the girls) because the rest of the family was already waiting at the restaurant. In my mad rush to get back, I took the wrong exit... twice. ;( I was banned from going to the Outlets without Hubs. Whew, at least he didn't mention being banned from the Antique Mall. Muahahhaah!

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