Sunday, April 17, 2011

Happy Easter Egg Decoration Inspired by Pottery Barn

I just love the Happy Easter eggs hung from cherry blossom branches that I found while browsing on the Pottery Barn website.  Everything in the image is sold out so I set out to make my own.

I found this Antique Mall while I was out and about last weekend and came across this bird wire basket with really cool eggs that already had hooks and fishing line tied to them for $8.00.  I thought it was a bit much, but they already had hooks and string.  Some eggs were mismatched and didn't have the hooks on them so I made sure to count the good ones and had enough to spell out Happy Easter.  I really could have done without the bird wire thingie, but maybe I can spray paint it or figure out something cute to do with it.  Any ideas?? 

When I got it home and took the eggs out, I really didn't like the look of the fishing line so I cut them off and used my Stampin' Up! silver cord.   After that was complete, I started going through my scrap booking supplies looking for alphabet stickers but I didn't find any I liked.  I really didn't want to spend anymore money on the eggs since I still had to buy the cherry blossom branches.  I decided to use a black permanent marker and freehand the letters on.  I looked for fonts on Microsoft Word and liked the look of Viner Hand ITC.  I spelled it out and blew up the font so that I could see it, then used that to freehand the letters on.

I tried to get it as close as possible, and I think I accomplished it.  Close, not perfect, but it will do!

I printed out a 40% off AC Moore coupon with the hopes of finding some cherry blossom branches.  They had them, but they were $4.99 each.  I only picked up one because I knew I could print out a few more coupons and save myself some more money.  I printed out 2 more coupons and went back the next day with Hubs so that we could each use a coupon.  We walked up there with the girls to save even more money in gas!  Good thing we are only 2 blocks away.  Or maybe it's not a good thing.  I frequent that place a little too often.

I found a tall white vase I had hiding under my sink and stuck the branches in it after putting my eggs on the branches.  It kind of flapped around so I had to stuff plastic bags down in it to hold it in place.  I filled the top portion of the vase with left over Easter grass from last year to hide the plastic bags.  Here is the finished product.

What do you think??  Now I just need to find some bunny statues to go under it...

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