Sunday, April 10, 2011

Hello World!

I cannot believe I just discovered this world of bloggers out there who share all their wonderful decorating tips without spending a fortune. A few weeks ago, I was looking for additional seating options for my billiard room and I was going through Craigslist looking at chairs because the rocker/glider I wanted in a store in the Outer Banks was a whopping $699! Oh, but hey, they would deliver for free. Hmmm. Okay, so I was on a mission to find one comparable to the one I saw, but all I found was a bunch of sad looking chairs. I thought, hey, maybe I could make a slipcover for an old worn out chair and make it fabulous! My mother-in-law recently taught me how to sew and I figured I could have her help me out. So I googled making slipcovers and happened upon Miss Mustard Seed's blog. O.M.G. After spending a few (I use this term lightly) hours clicking around her site and blog hopping, I was hooked. How did I not know about this?? All this time, I thought I was the thriftiest little shopaholic.... boy was I wrong. I have always been able to find a good bargain, but man, I sure have a lot to learn! I thought I would give this whole blogging thing a whirl. Hopefully I can share some of my ideas and steal some of yours!

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