Friday, April 29, 2011

Wash Your Worries Away Sign

I was flipping though the online Uppercase Living catalog and just loved this one:

I thought it would look great in my new laundry room, well, if it ever gets done!  I didn't really want to spend more money since I'd just purchased a new washer and dryer, cabinets, counter tops, etc. 

Hubs has been bugging me about getting rid of these ottomans that went with our Adirondack chairs because they weren't all that sturdy and we never really felt the need to put our legs up while rocking in the chairs.  We would always just set them aside and they just kept cluttering up our front porch.


I decided I was going to paint a sign instead of ordering the vinyl letters. 

I unscrewed 4 wood slats from my Adirondack ottoman for the sign, then cut 1 piece in half to size to secure the sign to on the back.  I mixed acrylic paints in Bonnie Blue, Forest Green and White and painted the sign, then let it dry overnight.

I used Microsoft Word to search for fonts that were close to the Uppercase Living ones.  Rage Halic and Andalus were similar.  I typed wash your in Rage Halic (size 280) and WORRIES AWAY in Andalus (size 150), then printed them out. 

I was looking for carbon paper to trace the letters onto my sign, but couldn't find any.  I ended up cutting the words out and taping the paper to my sign.

Using my stylus tool, I then traced out the letters, pressing firmly as I went.  The wood was sort of "soft", so I was able to imprint the letters onto the wood.

Then I just took white paint and a small paintbrush to fill in the letters.

I think I'll keep it here for now until my laundry room is complete.  

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